About us

The Eye4i team welcomes you to the kingdom of the drones and especially, the mini drones and the FPV!

The Eye4i online sales platform was set up in 2015, in Geneva. First of all resellers of different brands, we were able to observe the quality, the strong and weak points of the products, the opinions of our customers, to perfect our knowledge. Attaching a significative importance to the respect and satisfaction of our customers, we test our products and select the best.

In 2017, based on our experience, we decided to produce our own series of drones, the Ei-4 micro drones series. This was built on our observations and conclusions, as well as on the many opinions and observations of our customers. A long, complex and technical project. But the result was worth it.

Available in several versions, the Ei-4 is a modular, upgradeable, fully repairable, high-performance drone at a very reasonable price. The H version, equipped with an automatic altitude stabilization system, makes it a benchmark in the field of drones for beginners. The Tiny Whoop pack, with its unbeatable price/performance ratio, has established itself as the FPV pack for discovering immersion piloting without breaking the bank.

But the Ei-4, eager to show off its skills in broad daylight, had to find a nest to fly safely. Thus was born the Flyzone. A structure equipped with a safety net, and strewn with obstacles. Presented at famous events such as the Comptoir Suisse, Fantasy Basel, drone days, the WEB kingdom, Zurich game show, etc, the Flyzone has delighted many users. The DIY version of the Ei-4 has also won over children during our sessions with passeport vacances and the cité des métiers, and definitively validated its resistance and ease of use.

The Ei-4 series has been perfectly validated for beginners in the drone world, and we continued with the EI-4 advance series, designed for beginners in acro FPV piloting. We have thus specialized in products for beginners, from drone for children to drone for apprentice freestyle and racing pilots, as well as DIY drones.

Our motivation is your satisfaction. Driven by many positive feedbacks, we will always give our maximum to satisfy you, in sales, support, as well as in animations.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at for any request.

Dronely yours !

Eye4i team