About us

The Eye4i team welcomes you to the kingdom of the drone!

The Eye4i online sales platform was set up by its creator Yacine Zendaoui in 2014, in Geneva. First of all, as resellers of different quality brands, we attach great importance to the respect and satisfaction of our customers by making it a point of honour to test everything we sell and select the best products.

In 2017, the first device created by Eye4i, the Ei-4 micro-drone, was released. Born from the expertise acquired during years of studies and product selections, we have been able to offer a micro-drone that meets the expectations of customers who want to learn about the world of piloting. Equipped with an automatic altitude stabilization system, usually present on much more expensive drones, the "H" version of the Ei-4 now places it as a reference in the field of novice drones.

Joined in the same year by Morgan Allaman in the role of event project manager, we presented the Ei-4 at many fairs and events (see "events" page). Wishing to make the public try out our new device instead of just showing it, it was necessary to find a way to be able to offer it to everyone in a safe way. A structure equipped with nets creating a safe space, and fun due to its obstacles, the first FlyZone was born!

Following the success of these fairs, we have been offering the FlyZone since the end of 2018 as an entertainment for all types of events (see page "activities").

In sales and entertainment, we will always give our best to satisfy you! Feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at +41.79.340.67.98.

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Let's drone it !

The Eye4i Team