Sandisk 32GB micro SD card


Sandisk Micro SD Card 32Gb class 10

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SanDisk Ultra 32GB. This 32GB micro SD memory card will be the perfect partner for high quality photography. Its storage capacity and its speed of reading / writing being adapted to the shooting of photo in RAW format.

Small in size and light in weight, it is less bulky than a postal stamp, and can be used as a storage unit or to carry your files with you. Its plastic box, delivered with it, is practical, avoiding losses or damages during transportation.

Its 32GB of memory is ideal for shooting a large number of photos in RAW, regardless of the resolution of your camera or up to 2 hours of video in Full HD (1080p). That reduces to 1 hour of rush in 4k, which will be adequate for most needs, especially if you follow our recommendations and use multiple SD cards. If you want to take pictures in JPG format exclusively, we would suggest a smaller capacity card.

As a class 10 SD card, its guaranteed minimum recording speed is 10MB per second. This speed is perfectly suited for Full HD videos, regardless of the frame rate and/or custom settings. Speed also adequate to film in 4k, its limitations will however be reached as the frame rate increases (for slow motion for example). Unsuitable for 5k and 8k. If these resolutions are your favorite formats, then you will have to look for a card with a guaranteed higher recording speed.

Reading performance, on the other hand, is more than sufficient for any kind of process. On mobile also, thanks to its A1 standard. The latter ensures full compatibility for the use of mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet.

The SDHC classification of generation 1, provides compatibility with any type of SD media. However, the SD card adapter is not included in this package and may be required in some cases.

For any further explanation on SD cards, feel free to browse our blog and read our article that goes through the numerous SD card types, standards and features.

Data sheet

SpeedReading: 120 MB/s Writing: 90 MB/s
FormatUHS U3 et class 3
Storage32 GB
CompatibilityMicro SDHC, Micro SDXC
Package content1 * Sandisk 32GB micro SD card - 1 * Micro SD protection box


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