Sandisk 32GB V30 micro SD card


Sandisk micro SD card 32GB class 10 V30

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SanDisk Extreme 32GB V30. The perfect solution for 4k shooting thanks to its recording speed and storage capacity. This 32GB micro SD memory card will support your best high quality footage to perfection. Delivered with a micro SD / SD card adapter and its protective box, it fits all situations and needs.

Compact and lightweight, it can be carried everywhere, whether to store films, photos or even bring files with you. Its transparent plastic protective case will prevent damage and loss, whether for the micro SD card itself or for its micro SD / SD card adapter.

With 32GB of storage capacity, this SD card can hold up to 1000 RAW photos (5000 JPG photos) and 1 hour of 4k video. Ideal capacity therefore for taking photos in RAW or movies in 4k. If you need more than 1 hour of video capacity, we recommend that you do not choose a higher capacity card, but buy several. The principle of the eggs and the basket... The quality of the SanDisk brand protects from most technical failures, but in any case not from losses or manipulation mistake.

SD card of class 10, but especially of class V30. This recent classification was created to face the permanent increase of the video resolutions of the market and represents the guaranteed minimum recording speed. V30 means a minimum writing speed of 30 MB/s. This is optimal for full comfort when recording in 4k, even when increasing the frames per second (fps). Suitable for 5k, a little more limited for 8k, if you want to attack these resolutions while considering slow motion, then you will need a card with a higher recording speed.

On the reading performance side, it goes beyond the needs of any type of processing. Class U3, (Ultra High Speed 3 - UHS3), it is guaranteed to be faster than 30 MB/s in reading, writing and at all times. On mobile as well, thanks to its A1 standard. The latter promises full compatibility for the use of mobile applications on smartphone or tablet.

SDHC card (Secure Digital High Capacity) of generation 1, it is technically compatible with any support and any device. The micro SD / SD adapter also enables to adapt to a large number of situations. If needed, the first accessory listed on this page can transform your USB port into an SD card reader.

Feel free to browse our blog post on SD cards for a comprehensive understanding of the types, sizes, standards and all the acronyms that can be found on these cards, no matter how tiny they are.

Data sheet

SpeedRead 100 MB/s, Write 90 MB/s
FormatUHS U3, Class 10, V30, A1
Storage32 GB
CompatibilityMicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, SDHC, SDXC
Package content1 * Sandisk 32GB V30 micro SD card - 1 * SD adapter - 1 * Protection box


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