ES24TX Pro Micro ELRS module

sp-es24TX pro

Happymodel ES24TX Pro Micro ELRS TX Module

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ExpressLRS, or ELRS for short, is a promising open source protocol with a very low latency. The ES24TX Pro Micro ExpressLRS 2.4GHz module from Happymodel is an ELRS compatible radio transmitter. Upgraded version of the ES24TX, its maximum output power is 1w (1000mw). It is equipped with a cooling fan, the new Moxon antenna (SMA connector) and a red, green, blue (RGB) LED.

Micro TX module compatible with the external Micro JR bays of the radio controllers, it will be perfectly suitable, among others, for clipping onto the RadioMaster Zorro and controlling ELRS receivers. Delivered fully assembled, you will just need to fix it to the radio control, screw on the antenna and challenge the sky.

Data sheet

Size70mm * 49mm * 32.5mm
Firmwares FCHappyModel_ES24TX_Pro_Series_2400_TX
Weight51 gram (without antenna)
ConnectorsJR 5 pins
Package content1 * ES24TX Pro Micro TX module - 1 * Happymodel 2.4GHz Moxon antenna


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