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Drone's Glossary

Posted on: oct 31, 2021 | Author: Eye4i | Categories: Tips and Tricks

Glossary of terms and acronyms frequently used in the drone world

Drone's Glossary
It may sometimes be hard to find your way through the technical terminology and abbreviations. Please find below a short glossary of frequently used terms and acronyms and their respective meanings / definitions. Non-exhaustive list.
4kOr UHD. Ultra High Definition. Classification of a 2160p video resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels).
5.8GVideo transmission in 5.8Ghz.
AcroFlight mode with 3-axis gyro stabilization for 3d flight.
Altitude holdAutomatic altitude stabilization.
ARFLacks several components such as the radio control or the radio receiver. To be checked before buying (Almost Ready to Fly).
BFChrome application for the configuration of a drone (Betaflight).
BindEstablish the link between radio control and radio receiver.
BL HeliChrome application for the configuration of a drone's motors.
BNFDrone sold without radio control (Bind to Fly).
DIYKit to build (Do it yourself).
DJIDrone brand (Da Jiang Innovation).
DRLInternational professional drone racing league in which pilots race against each other in FPV on three-dimensional tracks (Drone Racing League).
FHDOr Full HD. Full High Definition. Classification of a 1080p video resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).
FPVFirst person view flights.
FrameDrone frame.
FWPilot version (Firmwares).
GHZGigahertz. Unit of frequency, expressed in giga (x 1 million hertz). One hertz is a periodic phenomenon repeated every second.
GimbalStabilization support for camera.
GLONASSAn alternative to GPS. Satellite navigation system providing location information (Global Navigation Satellite System).
GPSSatellite navigation system providing location information (Global Positioning System).
HDHigh Definition. Classification of a 720p video resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).
IBUSCommunication protocol, especially used by flysky radios.
IMUA device which measures and reports acceleration, orientation, angles, and other gravitational forces (Inertial Measurement Unit). It may be composed of accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers, being the electronic component which carries all the instruments allowing the automatic stabilisation assistance of the drone.
mAhOr mA-h. Milliampere-hour. Unit of measurement of electrical charge expressed in thousandths. In our context and slightly simplified, it refers to the power of the battery.
MicroInternational system of units prefix meaning very small. Mathematically, it is one unit divided by one million.
MiniPrefix meaning small. A popular word not related to the international system of units.
NanoInternational system of units prefix meaning ultra small. Mathematically, it is one unit divided by one billion.
OSDOn screen display (visual transmission of flight information).
P3, P4, PxGenerally refers to the DJI Phantom 3 or 4. These are image-taking drones.
PitchAxis of forward/backward movement.
QuadcopterOr quadrotor. In our context, alternative words for a drone. More generally, it is a flying machine using four rotors to ensure its lift and ability to fly.
RCRefers to a product which is controlled remotely by means of a radio control / remote control (Radio Controlled).
RollLateral displacement axis.
RTFReady to fly drone.
RTHAutomatic return to point of origin feature (Return To Home).
RXRadio Receiver.
SDUsed to refer to an SD (Secure Digital) card. SD cards are removable memory cards for storing digital data.
STABStabilized flight mode on 6 axis.
ThrottleAcceleration and deceleration axis.
Tiny WhoopA small aircraft piloted in immersion, using a camera positioned at the "cockpit" and a mask with a display in which you can see as if you were wearing glasses. Small because it is supposed to be used indoors.
TVLResolution of an image (TV line).
TXRadio control (Transmitter).
UARTCommunication port.
VTXVideo transmitter.
YawRotation axis.